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We at Wilson Quality Millwork know that many of our customer's are very interested in who we are and how we provide such high-quality products at reasonable prices. To that end we provide for everyone the following information about WQM... so that we can start a solid working relationship with all of our customers.

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WQM's Equipment & Technology:
Wilson Quality Millwork currently has a wide variety of solid wood processing equipment including; 2 Weining Moulders, a Gang Rip Saw, a New Diehl Rip Saw, a Glue Wheel, a Wide Belt Sander, and a vast variety of stand-alone machines for specialty equipment.

Our company is also always looking to new technology. With the addition of our newest piece of equipment we are capable of making CAD drawings of any customer's profile to scale. Once approved, these drawings are downloaded into a CNC machine and if necessary, a customized template is produced. Knives can then be ground in-house to match the desired profile faster than ever. These systems allow us to produce 90%+ of all tooling for both moulders in-house, helping us to ensure accuracy and specifications in all of our products.

With the fairly recent addition of a Weining Unimat 2000 we have also added the flexibilty to produce smaller, short-run orders with great efficiency. This is the perfect compliment to the fast and efficient Weining Hydromat 22AL we utilize for large-run orders.

All of these systems, run by highly-skilled professionals, combined with a global distribution network, allow Wilson Quality Millwork to serve a world-wide customer-base of virtually any size.

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We wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with our beautiful ash flooring and wonderful mouldings that we recently purchased from your firm. The quality of materials and the workmanship along with the fine service rendered by your associates cannot be matched.

Mr. & Mrs. R. Scott Criss
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